Hi !

We gather here to present the reasons of this popular initiative in favour of the liberation of Arnaldo Otegi.

First of all, we would like to underline the fact that our initiative is self-motivated and under no political representation, association nor institution whatsoever.

Two main reasons fundamentally motivate us to ask for the liberation of our fellow-citizen:

–         First, it is never really easy to see a family deprived of its basic right of liberty, and even more without any real reason other than blindness or pure calculated strategy. And so, we would like to demonstrate our solidarity and our support to Arnaldo and his family: Loli, Asencio, Mari Juli, Hodei and Garazi.

–          Secondly, looking further than just Elgoibar, it is inevitable to shed light on the changes and events that are happening in the Basque Country: the declarations of Altsasua and Brussels as well as the relations between the different Basque political parties. Arnaldo’s contribution was necessary until nowadays and we believe it to be still as very important for the future to come. And this is the second reason why we demand his liberation.

We are not fools. We know that because of the government’s political strategy it will be difficult for us to go further than this village square with such a precise demand, yet here lies our support and our small contribution to peace.

We invite all our fellow-citizens of Elgoibar to participate in the actions encouraged by this platform.

To conclude, we do not want to leave unforgotten the other prisoners of our hometown. We salute them and their families.