13/7/1987.- Entered prison for the first time in preventive custody in the Spanish state.

1/2/1989.- Absolved by the Spanish National Court of the accusation of having taken part in the 1979 kidnapping of then UCD deputy Javier Ruperez.

21/2/1989.- Sentenced to six years in prison of the 1979 kidnapping of the director of the Michelin factory in Vitoria, Luis Abaitua.

4/10/1990.- Absolved of the 1979 kidnapping of then UCD deputy Gabriel Cisneros. Leaves on probation.

11/9/1991.- Enters prison to finish his sentence for the kidnapping of Abaitua.

4/5/1993.- Is set free definitively.

1/4/2004.- The Superior Court of Justice for the Basque Country (TSPJV) sentences him to fifteen months in prison for “glorifying terrorism” for his speech three years earlier at the burial of Olaia Castresana.

23/3/2005.- The TSPJV absolves him of the accusation of grave insults to the King after finding that his declarations made on February 26th, 2003, calling Don Juan Carlos “responsible for the torturers” were supported by the freedom of expression.

25/5/2005.- Judge Fernando Grande-Marlaska orders his imprisonment, with bail set at 400,000 Euros in the case that he is investigating concerning the financing of “herriko tabernas”. Two days later, Otegi makes bail and leaves prison.

2/6/2005.- Grande-Marlaska processes Otegi for membership in ETA in the case of the “herriko tabernas”.

4/11/2005.- The Supreme Court (TS) revokes the previous sentence of the TSJPV and they condemn him to one year in prison for grave insults to the King, considering that his words afected the “last nucleus” of the dignity of the head of State.

18/1/2006.- The Supreme Court annuls the sentence of the TSPJV that condemned him for his speech at the burial of Olaia Castresana and they order a retrial.

29/3/2006.- Grande-Marlaska orders his imprisonment, with bail set at 250,000 Euros, after considering him to be the “promoter” of violent acts that occurred during the strike called on twenty days before due to the death of two ETA prisoners.

7/4/2006.- Leaves prison after posting bail.

27/4/2006.- The National Court sentences him to 15 months in prison for “glorifying terrorism” for his “active” participation in an homage to ETA activist Jose Miguel Beñarán, ‘Argala’, in December of 2003.

21/3/2007.- The National Court tries him again for the homage to Olaia Castresana –and is obliged to absolve him, in spite of considering that there was “sufficient proof of charge” for his condemnation, after the District attorney drops the accusation against him.

8/6/2007.- He is detained by the police and imprisoned to complete his sentence for the homage to ‘Argala’.

5/12/2007.- The National Court drops the charge against him for having participated in Bilbao in an homage to the alleged ETA member Arkaitz Otazua, killed in a confrontation with the Ertzaintza.

30/8/2008.- Leaves prison after finishing his sentence for the homage to ‘Argala’.

12/1/2009.- The TSJPV drops the charges against Otegi, the current Lehendakari, Patxi Lopez (PSE) and his antecessor, Juan Jose Ibarretxe (PNV) for meetings with each other in 2006 and 2007.

9/10/2009.- Judge Eloy Velasco opens hearings against Otegi for “glorifying terrorism” in relation to his speech at the act celebrated by Batasuna in the Anoeta velodrome on November 14th, 2004.

13/10/2009.- Arrested in Guipuzcoa together with other leaders of the Abertzale Left and accused of trying to reconstitute the leadership of Batasuna. Three days later, judge Baltasar Garzon orders him imprisoned without bail, a situation that remains until this day.

2/3/2010.- The National Court sentences him to two years in prison for “glorifying terrorism” during his 2005 participation in Amorebieta (Bizkaia) at an homage to ETA prisoner Jose Maria Sagarduy.

> 9/12/2010.- The National Court absolves Otegi and Batasuna leaders Joseba Alvarez and Joseba Permach of the crime of “glorifying terrorism” of which they were accused for the meeting at the Anoeta Velodrome in San Sebastian on November 14th, 2004.

16/12/2010.- The fiscal at the National Court appeals the absolution of Arnaldo Otegi in the case for the meeting in Anoeta in which he was accused with Joseba Alvarez and Joseba Permach of one charge of “glorifying terrorism”. The Public Ministry announced its intention of presenting an appeal before the Supreme Court, pointing out that it didn’t conform to the resolution that the Second Section of the Penal Hall of the National Court dictated.

4/1/2011.- The prosecuting attorney of the National Court asks for 10 years in prison for Arnaldo Otegi and seven other leaders of the Abertzale Left for trying to reconstruct Batasuna through the ‘Bateragune’ project.

8/2/2011.- The Supreme Court annuls the trial for which Otegi was sentenced t two years in prison for the homage to ETA prisoner Jose Maria Sagarduy in 2005 in Amorebieta (Bizkaia) and orders the National Court to hold a new hearing after considering that Judge Angel Murillo acted with “a prejudice”.

15/3/2011.- The Human Rights Court in Strasbourg dictates a sentence against Spain for having violated Arnaldo Otegi’s free expression in convicting him for calling the King the “head of the torturers”. The Government must pay an indemnity of 20,000 Euros for “moral damage” and pay another 30,000 Euros for the cost of the trial.

18/5/2011 .- The Supreme Court confirms the sentence dictated by the National Court that absolved Otegit of committing the crime of “glorifying terrorism” in its 2004 meeting at the Anoeta Velodrome.

7/7/2011 .- Arnaldo Otegi says that the Abertzale Left has seperated itself from ETA’s military strategy, which is “superflous and an obstruction”, during his turn to speak at the trial held in the National Court for the reconstruction of Batasuna under the name of Bateragune.

12/7/2011 .- The National Court tries Otegi again for “glorifying terrorism” for his speech at the homage for ETA prisoner Jose Maria Sagarduy, after the Supreme Court annuls the first trial while holding that a magistrate, Angela Murillo, ‘prejudged’ the guilt of the accused. At the hearing, the Abertzale leader assured that in its meetings they “never” called for “violent action”.

22/7/2011.- The Court absolves Otegi of the crime of glorifying terrorism for his participation in the homage to Sagarduy.

16/9/2011 .- The National Court sentences Otegi and Diaz Usabiaga as leaders of the armed organization ETA in grade of leaders. According to the sentence, ETA ordered both to create an organ that would act as their “armed wing”.